the holidays and a fresh start

new post! haven't posted since early november. the best laid plans, hey? two months of baking whooshed past with hardly a second to snap a photo, let alone upload it. it's all right though, this cold, clear january day gives me the chance to make a fresh go of it! starting next week i intend to post at least weekly my delicious experiments, triumphs and failures. so here are the facts.

this year's focus: fun, fanciful flavors! lavendar, honey, anise, and rhubarb, right along with my beloved vanilla, butterscotch, and chocolate. chocolate done right, that is.

also: seasonal cooking! glad i am that i have the option to bake with apples in february, but still prefer to use asparagus.

also: learning how to feed my hungry husband! who eats consistently more than me and has been known to turn up his nose to truffle buttered toast in favor of a big pot of kraft mac and cheese.

finally: being as un-spendy as possible. farmer's markets, overhanging trees, and my own garden = the icy violet way. that's what happens when you are a jobless liberal arts master. you learn ways around things.

so, starting next week there should be some consistent photos up. until then, please enjoy these bits and pieces i've managed to scrounge from my holiday baking! they aren't the best photos, and most of them are half eaten or more. i flatter myself that they hardly lasted long enough to be photographed. also future posts will include recipes, but because there are so many here i did not!

beautiful little red rose hips. you roses never stop giving do you!

i love red fruits in winter. cranberries, tart and sweet at once.

rose flavored chocolate and an amano madagascar. my philosophy teacher recommended me toward amano - apparently they're utah based, but win chocolate awards almost every year! locals to be proud of.

ingredients for a good cup of cocoa. make sure your chocolate is 100% cacao! include brown sugar if you want, but i like my chocolate black.

more christmas gifts. ah, how well my friends know me!

this is a sourdough white loaf. well i needed something to put the cheese on!

a dainty lady baltimore cake. daintier than i meant it to be - the layers turned out uneven so i had to shave them down a bit to match. still, she's lovely isn't she?

linzers for the neighbors!

choco chips for the neighbors! can't go wrong with a classic.

oatmeals for the neighbors!

lemon shortbreads for the neighbors! the neighbor thing was a big project...

yours truly in new wool flannel skirt. i usually like skirts more than pants, but a good winter skirt is hard to find! so thanks DI!

pumpkin hazelnut pie.

christmas flowers to brighten the place, although the cat made short work of them.

hot cocoa finished product. whipped cream is melting!

some sugars - too lazy to make shapes this year. just used a jar lid to make rounds. too bad, candy cane cookies are always cute.

winter tree by the jordan river. the walkway is pretty well deserted this time of year, which is all the better for me since i get all the rose hips to myself! also there were foxes! i didn't know they lived in the city, sly things.

and a healthy batch of snickerdoodles. whew!

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Vee said...

yay! i'm so excited for you to start this blog! have fun baking mistress!

May I eat many things that you make.

Emily said...

so wishing i was your neighbor right now... :)

jeannesioux said...

I need to learn about rose hips. I have a great cranberry/pineapple relish recipe if you want. That pumpkin hazelnut pie looks fantastic. I make my pumpkin pies from scratch from last years pumpkins. That lady baltimore cake looks yummy too. How many cubes of butter, Anna?

Your kind hospitality, Anna, makes us want to be there all of the time!!! Thanks so much for everything to you, Carol and Justin Roo.