January 23

it's been a big week this week. i don't ordinarily do this much, but i had a combination of a friend who wanted to make a triple chocolate mousse cake (well i SUPPOSE we could do that), and a friend who asked me to pitch in on the catering for her wedding. i am thinking MACARONS! and those require practice. so here are this week's joys. some were eaten, most were given away. and dang, they were all pretty good.

also, since there are so many this week, i'm not posting recipes. if anyone wants anything in particular, leave a comment for it and i'll get it to you.

les macarons! i was so proud. and they were wonderful.

i went with a simple vanilla flavor, and used part of the bean justin gave me for my birthday. it gave it those lovely little black flecks, and a really wonderful flavor.

i had to take a picture when the shells came out of the oven. look at their perfect little feet! those have escaped me before.

just before baking. perfect.

the triple chocolate mousse cake. let me tell you it was GOOD! good thing she took it home with her. i guess it was all eaten up by coworkers within hours the next day.

the top was a white chocolate cream mix. the middle layer was the mousse part, thickened up with eggs. the bottom was like a thick chocolate brownie.

sourdough bread success! the darn thing was a week in the making.

there she is. nothing drives me nuts like a sourdough loaf that doesn't work out. a whole week of work! but this one was a beauty.

mm baked potato skins. these were a great sunday dinner.

i used some of my christmas cheese. yes, i am still working through those :)

and the maple butter cookies. these came out REALLY good, but eat them the first day. their crispiness gave way to a cakey softness that i didn't like as much the next day.

the best part of these was the frosting, a browned butter concoction that really brought out the maple taste.

butter dips! look familiar, family?

a pack family recipe gets passed on. they were delicious, and thanks for the recipe mother in law :)

also i made fresh yogurt and apple squash soup, but neglected to take pictures of those. a big week!


Sondra said...

Dear Anna,
Please share with me the recipe for the maple butter cookies. I'm not a chocolate fan...but I do like anything and everything else (practically!) Also...I am a little unsure as to what a macaron is...?!?!

Kate said...

My mouth watered as I looked at those delicious pictures! Your macarons were delicious! And they looked absolutely stunning! And that triple chocolate mousse cake sure turned out yummy. I even ate an extra piece the next day! I have some good ideas for our Valentines Boutique! Mouths will water!

jeannesioux said...

Man alive, you make good stuff!
I've got to try making that sourdough bread. It looks fantastic. Sourdough bread is one of Wes' favorite things. You inspire me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just remember. Butter dips must have homemade maple syrup! Also the boys generally like butter dips if they were not brown. PICKY Eaters! (How's that for a simple recipe?!)

libby said...

Oh man look at you! What a bodacious baker you are. I had a macaron (salted caramel of course) for the first time the other day and it blew my mind with deliciousness. I would ask for that recipe but I know I would botch it. I got bread and muffin pans for christmas so I'm actually going to try baking now.

minisuperbias said...

Your macs and the bread and the cake look sooo good. Maybe we should just let you take charge for Michelle :D

a. maren said...

aha! ahahaha. very good christi. NEVER HAPPEN!

thanks guys for the nice comments :) i especially appreciate the use of the term 'bodacious'.