About Me

Hello! I am Anna. Here are some facts about me.

I recently moved from the sunny Great Basin to the brooding Northwest Coast. I am learning to love the trees, fog, and wild cold ocean. Only be careful not to wander off the trail, as you will get stuck in a spider's web and never be found.

I went to college and then lucked into a master’s program but not a PhD and I am now far too educated to be either think straight or be employable.

I like to write and read and sleep and do yoga and dream of having a farm.

I have a baby in the first year of his life. He is fat and joyful and now news stories about bad things happening to people scare me far more than they ever did before.

My baby is sleeping with his tiny, pudgy arm cast over his eyes as I'm writing this. I do like that.

I love to cook. I love ethnic foods, local foods, vegetarian foods, meaty foods, sweet foods (but not sweaty foods), salty foods, and any food that makes me a happier, better person.

I find food that is not this way an offense, like Kraft cheese singles. Who gives a hoot about meltability anyways? That isn’t a thing.

I like Anthony Bourdain.

I also like Martha Stewart. Just cave, Indie friends. Just do it.

I am a nanny and a mother’s girl and a chocolate fiend. That’s not true, I don’t make chocolate things all that much. But I am a sugar fiend that is for sure.

I am delighted that you have dropped in to meet me, and I hope you will stick around and enjoy the food.