Dinner Party II

More dinner party pictures! I know, we took a lot. These are for you to look at while I'm traveling to Mexico - which I'm not doing yet! Things keep going wrong with the car, and we're trying to get it fixed. Maybe we'll go tomorrow? Is someone wishing ill on my summer trips?? I have had some bad luck this year.

ANYWAYS, these photos are more focused on the event itself than the earlier post, and less on preparation. It was a celebration! Please to enjoy!

Friends good and dear! (Don't get your feelings hurt if you live near me and weren't invited mmkay?? Had to keep the guest list short in order to avoid killing self :))

Lavender cupcakes! Sorry this photo isn't so pretty - by the time we got to the dessert course, the sun was down. Also we were too busy eating to take pretty pictures.

The cheese course - La Tur, a bleu, and a port.

Red snapper with lemon and dill for the meat course.

Asparagus mornay for the vegetable course.

Finished kiwi sorbet palate cleanser.

ze baguette!

Watercress soup with homemade baguette.

Salad course.

Goat cheese croutons and salad with shallot vinaigrette.

Mes amis!

Finished apricot sorbet.

Fried artichoke hearts with homemade mayonnaise.

Finished jamaica iced tea with sweet leaves.

Finished aperitif - tangerine spritzer with mint leaf.

Yours truly.


jeannesioux said...

That is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everything, Anna, is amazingly weird and different and yummy looking.

Tangerine spritzer with mint leaf?
Apricot sorbet?
Watercress soup?
Kiwi sorbet?
Red snapper, etc. etc.?

I have never heard of a feast so wonderful!

Dede said...

Oh my gosh...how did you do all that??? The kiwi sorbet sounds amazing...as does the tangerine spritzer, and those homemade croutons, and the artichokes w/homemade mayo, and oh my gosh, I'm totally offended I wasn't invited:-)

Not really, but my gosh, I may have to pay you to cook for me sometime!