Trip to Southern Utah and a Blogger Award!

Hello friends! I exist! Sorry I have not been posting for the past two weeks. Justin and I went on a camping/road trip through Southern Utah. I love me some desert - sandstone, sunshine, trickling water and yellow birds. It's paradise.

Springtime in the desert.

Justin - wrong culture, but right pose somehow.

People built their own little stone hoodoos on this ancient dead juniper. The desert must be my favorite place in the world.

Vive le sandstone!

Anyways, now this week I am scrambling to get ready to go to Mexico. We leave on Friday for a 40 hr. terror ride, which I actually think I might enjoy in spite of myself. I have never seen Texas, after all. Or driven in Mexico, although my mom has long cautioned me about corrupt cops, based on her several trips to Tijuana when she was a young, wild thing.

Hopefully we just don't get pulled over, right?

(not us on Mexican roads...)

Anyways, this is the first entry on this blog that will be non-food based, and for that I apologize! I have been baking like crazy, and my camera is chock full of photos and recipes that will be posted soon. I am particularly excited to do one or two entries based around a French-themed dinner party I recently threw:

Making sorbet! But, that will have to wait! Right now the good news is I was recently nominated by my good friend Evelyn for a blog award!

My first! I have a Versatile Blog, how about that. Although come to think of it, it's actual rather formulaic. But that is ok because that's the way I like it! And thank you Evelyn, for reading, and thinking of me. And thank you everyone else for checking in too, and for comments. I love it. Feel free also to check out Evelyn's blog, She has excellent tips for finding great deals!

This is what you do if you get nominated:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.

7 Things About Me:

1. I am a salt FIEND!
2. Flower flavors are my favorite (say that 5 times fast).
3. I love attention and applause, although both make me blush.
4. I am a fan of the 'it's fine' philosophy which, when applied to everything, can get you into some trouble.
5. I have a master's in comparative studies which I would someday, eventually, like to use.
6. I speak English, French, and Spanish (ok now I am just bragging!)
7. My greatest dream is to own a herd of goats.

Buen dia everybody!


Cakebrain said...

so interesting...goats? don't they, like eat everything in sight? hmmm. but chevre. Sounds like a good idea!

Dede said...

Glad you had such a good time! It looks so fun! I think it's funny that you and the Ceron family are heading to Mexico the same day...

Oh, and I think your recipes are SO versatile! You've got me excited to cook again, and that hasn't happened to me in a few years.