At the Fisherman's Market

Been a bit of a rough week. Just moved, unemployed, still no callbacks or interviews for jobs. Spent some time on campus this week speaking with professors in programs I'd like to attend, and was informed that I was not qualified and should not apply. Sigh. Another humanities orphan spat out of academia.

So basically I am locking mysef in my room this weekend to blog and dream of dinner parties and better times.

With all this spare time, I am going to start writing food and restaurant reviews. Because I don't just eat what I make. I eat what other people make too. And sometimes that is better. And, although Eugene has been less than professionally welcoming (haaa), they do have a lovely array of small, quality restaurants.

So! This week we went to the Fisherman's Market, and with its fresh, tasty, plentiful and well-priced food there is no better restaurant to lift the spirit.

Now I just moved from Utah, where most seafood is grey and old. So when Justin found the Fisherman's Market advertising fresh-caught seafood in the local newspaper, we just had to go.

We were not disappointed. They have everything. Salmon. Tuna. Cod. Mahi-mahi. Tilapia. Clams. Calamari. Scallops. Fresh. Canned(their own brand). Caviar. Octopus. Everything.

And everything passed the fresh test, from the clear-eyed albacore on ice to the live crabs trying to crawl out of their tank and, true to metaphor, pulling each other back in.

I love making eye contact with my food.

We had the fish and chips. Justin had the cod and I had the albacore. The cod was tender, white, and flaky. The albacore had a stronger, meatier flavor. They came with coleslaw and two choices of innovative tartar sauce (our favorite was the spicy cajun tartar sauce).

The only disappointment was that, for a fish and chips shop, it was a pretty American affair. The fish came with tartar sauce (although malt vinegar was available). The 'chips' were criss-cut fries, not real chips. And the side was coleslaw, not mushy peas.

But all of those things are just a matter of taste. Tartar sauce is delicious, after all, so unless you are an anglo fih and chips purist, there is really nothing to complain about.

Mmmmmmm fish.


Vee said...

mmmm! fish and chips! it looks so delicious! I've been dying for some fresh fish! its def on my to do list for san fran!

Cakebrain said...

it's a shame you couldn't get real chips (fries) and mushy peas. The English version is predominant over here in Vancouver, although of course you can get coleslaw too. Come on over and try some!

Kris Ngoei said...

A delicious meal.... fish and chips is one of my favorites.

I wish you all the best for the job search and interviews..

Sawadee from Bangkok,

a. maren said...

Thanks for the comments, all! And the good wishes.

jeannesioux said...

Yes, good luck with the job search. I hope that you keep on trying, and you will find your "nitch."