Practice Cake - Fondant

It's a cake, it's a cake, it's a practice cake, ooOOOOO. Yeah my neighbor is in a band probably? They are playing pretty loud, so my mind is making up a practice cake song as I do this silly little post.

This really is a fondant practice cake. Don't judge it too harshly, it was mainly to practice smooth fondant laying. And really, if you look past the ugly drapes, roses, and lettering, that fondant is laid pretty darn smooth!

Well, that's all for today. Better photos and better food coming next week - I'm prepping for a trip these days (YAY!), lots of fun but it's keeping me out of the kitchen!

Practice, practice, practice cake!


libby said...

ugh, I just hate fondant so much. But I love the typography on this cake, so expressive.

Are you doing multiple layers for this cake? That might be something to practice too. Claire's mom made her wedding cake and someone had to stand there and hold it up all night, the bottom layer couldn't support all that weight.

jeannesioux said...

Libby, that's a funny story.

And Anna, your are awesome!

a. maren said...

haha thanks libby! it's called 'cutting fondant with a pizza cutter' font. patent pending.

thanks jeanne! yes it would be good to note that i have taken precautions to avoid a tipsy wedding cake!

Cakebrain said...

Haha! Cute post! And practice cakes taste just as good!
I don't love the taste of fondant but it does look nice. Have you tried marshmallow fondant yet? I haven't but people say it is tastier. I'm a sucker for most buttercreams anyway.

Kris Ngoei said...

I am so sharing your joy.... we are both in the mood of fondant :-) Maybe we could do a project together?