Chicken, Red Onion, and Cream Cheese Pizza

This post will be about my baby.

Again. Always with the baby, right?

So if you don't like to talk about babies, I understand. Best just look at the pictures of this wonderful pizza, check out the recipe, and then makeit.

But if you do like babies, stick around.

One thing I like about my baby, that I didn't know before I had one, is how warm his hands are. Sometimes when I'm holding him, his little hand will wander around my neck and collar bone, warm and fumbly. He doesn't really know how to work them yet.

Which is another thing I like about him. I like to sit him propped up in the corner of the couch with a toy in front of him. He will focus on it SO HARD. He can't look anywhere else. His hands will flip flop and flail. And that is what it's like to be a person who doesn't know how to use his hands. Sometimes he finds what he's looking for, and then the struggle to get it to his mouth ensues. He is learning.

I like how he mumbles himself down to sleep. He doesn't get it yet that when you're tired, the best cure is sleep. He just knows he's uncomfortable, and man, if mom isn't trying to rock him to sleep at the same time! How rude! If he could only get over this discomfort, then he could focus on really telling mom how he doesn't feel like sleeping. He just doesn't. Geez. Snrrrrrrr.

I like how his head smells. WHERE DOES THAT SMELL COME FROM? Secret baby pockets full of perfume? No human smells like that naturally. It's like flowers or fruit or something. It's not the laundry soap and it's not his bath soap. It's just how his head smells. I wish I could bottle it.

I like to nom his cheeks.

I like how when he cries his little pink gums shake. Sorry. It's probably wrong to like when your baby cries, but man. Is it ever adorable. And it's not like I do it on PURPOSE. I mean, mostly.

I like how he's just learned how to put his fat little foot into his mouth. Impressed by his flexibility, I wanted to see if I could do it too. I can!

It's not as cute, though.

I like how whenever I feel like I'm going to go crazy from the stress of taking care of a completely dependent little person, I look at that person and suddenly feel like I could never get enough of him. Whenever I arrange to take a break from him, I miss him before I finish my sigh of relief.

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

Chicken, Red Onion, and Cream Cheese Pizza (adapted from Diethood)

Red onions are fantastic, aren't they?

1 baked pizza crust, store bought or homemade (or like, 8, depending on how many pizzas you're making)
1/4 package (2 oz.) cream cheese
1/2 cup sliced mushrooms
1 grilled chicken breast, seasoned with your favorite seasoning, chopped or shredded
1 small red onion, sliced
1/2 cup shredded cheese

Preheat the oven to 400.

Spread the cream cheese over the entire pizza crust.

Spread cream cheese on pizza

Add the red onions, the shredded chicken, and the mushrooms.

Top with the shredded cheese.

Put the pizza in the oven.

Cook for about 3 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbly and melted.

Pull the pizza out of the oven onto a cutting board and let it rest for a minute or so before cutting it.


anne said...

He's so adorable and he look just like you ? ;D The eyes I guess ( from what can I see from your itty bitty profile pic anyway :D ) I think HE'S much more yummier than your pizza hahahaha Nahhhh , your pizza looks scrumptious ;D I love that besides shredded cheese you also added cream cheese , yummm !!!!

Cakebrain said... cute! Isn't it neat falling in love with your own baby? It was weird for dealing with a complete stranger every minute of the day and gradually falling madly in love. Maybe that's just me, but when they plopped each of my babies on me after birth I was thinking "neat! But who is she?". Yummy looking pizza, but I agree, it's way more fun nomming a baby's face. I still do it to my 4 yr old!

Una Semplice Passione said...

It is really beautiful what you said about your child! Wow, that really captures for me what people must feel when they see their child (I'm not a mum, yet. Lovely recipe! Comfort food!

LynnieBee said...

Lovely Lovely Post :) Your little one is adorable, and I'm TOTALLY with you on the Baby Smell (their heads smell sooooo goooood!!!)

Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

cream cheese makes everything taste delicious! Gonna try this for sure.

jeannesioux said...

Ah yes, that baby smell. When I was out there in August, I smelled that delicious, sweet smell. I do miss those little ones. And I had to laugh because I can just imagine you and your husband trying to reach your toes like your little man does. hahahahah

a. maren said...

aw thanks everyone for the kind words, and especially the kind words about my silly little guy. cakebrain - you describe the process perfectly.