Ahhh sweet respite from my diet!

You know the one, my anti-thrush diet, no wheat, no sugar, no dairy, that business?

The answer is, and always has been, cookie day.

Ah cookie day! The day I make all the cookies in the world. All the cookies!

Triple Ginger Spice!

Eggnog Sugar!

Classic Chocolate Chip!

Homemade Oreos (normal AND PEPPERMINT!)

Four batches. Plus chocolate cupcakes.

Just for the merryness.

Thanks, lovey husband, for keeping the little one occupied for the twelve hours it took me to sift, mix, beat, measure, bake, cool, sort and frost.

And sprinkle. Very important step!

Happy holidays all, and merry merry Christmas!

And don't worry about your diets. We'll all start over in January.


Jamie Boyd said...

Where are the recipes for all of these delicious looking cookies?

Evelyn said...

Yay for cookie day! You deserve it. I know how hard gluten and sugar free is, but taking away the dairy too? Unthinkable! Enjoy those cookies:-)
PS I was SO happy to see you the other day! Your hair looks fantastic!

Loveforfood said...

Beautiful! thanks for sharing these inspiring images!

Anne Regalado said...

WOW ! So these are the cookies ! Did you eat some ? hahaha Merry Christmas !!! ok a little bit late ;D

Cakebrain said...

wowza. That's a lot of sugary and buttery goodness! Hope your anti-thrust diet is going okay...

You sure were productive with your time! Looks fantastic!

jeannesioux said...

Those chocolate "oreos" sure look good!

a. maren said...

sorry about no recipes jamie! i figured there were just too many to put, but i should do a link to them or something...

thanks evelyn! it was so nice to see you too! i'm sad we didn't get to talk much!

jeanne - the oreos were the best of all! :)