Ingredient of the Week: Winter Citrus!

Hello friends! I want to start a new little feature on my blog where I showcase a special ingredient every week or so. Posting more than once a week, you say? Ambitious, I know.

My motivation? Well, it's just that there are so many lovely INGREDIENTS in this world. And they are wonderful in recipes. But sometimes they just deserve their own little showcase.

Like this week: I'm doing winter citrus.

Citrus in winter. What a treat. Everything that winter is, dark, wet, cold, these are the opposite.

Well, I guess they are wet. But whatevsyouknowwhatimean!

So there is a little natural foods shop near my house, and it's my treat to go there every other week or so. And in the middle of this store they have just, a mound. Like, a hillock. Of citrus fruit.

Yellow gold, orange and red, all piled on top of each other. From huge pomelos to tiny little mandarins and meyer lemons. And of course the mysteriously blushing blood orange.

I've seen it there week after week, and this last week, I finally took the bait.

The poor cashier. So many labels to read.

Still. While you're struggling through these last few weeks of wet, soggy winter, I hope you get a chance to enjoy something sweet, sunny, and bright.

Like winter citrus.


anne said...

These are GORGEOUS !!! I love all that citrusy beauty :D The blood orange really looks lovely with its gorgeous color !

Ms. K. said...
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Cakebrain said...

looks like summer with all those lovely citrus!

Jay said...

wow..this looks incredible..;)
Tasty Appetite

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons I hated to leave Arizona!

a. maren said...

oh jeanne i am sorry for you! to have all that at your fingertips and have to leave it! truly terrible...and yes anne the blood orange has to be one of my favorites, so dramatic!