Ingredient of the Week: Marshmallows

Happy Easter everyone!  I think Peeps may have inspired this week's ingredient of the week.

I'm not going so far as making my own this year, but tell me.

What do you think about marshmallows?

I love them.  All kinds.  Always have.

Peeps.  S'mores.  Rice Krispy Treats.  Sheep-y cupcakes with marshmallows for wool (saw that on a food blog this week...neat!).

Even the semi-nasty semi-delicious ice cream sauce.  I will choose it over chocolate, every time.  Unless there's butterscotch (I completely just wrote butterscrotch...I probably don't want that on my ice cream).

Have you ever had homemade marshmallows?  I've made them before with varying degrees of success.  I think it's too damp here in Oregon for them to dry out properly.  Mine stayed sticky, no matter how much I drenched them in corn starch and powdered sugar.  But they tasted great.  Also they're gluten-free!

If you can find fresh ones that are well done, they are so worth it.  Or make your own!  They aren't hard, at least if you live in a dry climate (or are a better chef than now, no need to brag).

I'm also enjoying lately this roasted mallow milkshake, made with vanilla soy ice cream and rice milk (but the real stuff would do just fine), all blent up together with a couple of roasted marshmallows.  Inspired by Joy, of course.

How do you like your mallows?  What do you think of them, classy or trashy?  Chic or kiddie?  And what is your favorite mallow-based dish, if you have one?


anne said...

That fluffy , chewy , sweet yumminess ?! 'nuff said ;D Made your own huh ! Well , better than buying those commercialized ones - the one I'm always buying hee hee I love it in my hot cocoa esp during cold winter days ! Haven't tried roasting it yet but your roasted mallow milkshake sounds divine !

Bake-A-Holic said...

We just roasted marshmallows in our backyard fire pit! So fun! We ate some warm from the fire and used the rest to make s'mores.

Marshmallow fluff frosting atop an almond cupcake is pretty tasty too!

Elizabeth said...

Marshmallows are the BEST!

Lucy said...

I've never tried making my own marshmallows but would definitely like to soon. The roasted marshmallow milkshake sounds incredible!

a. maren said...

ooo bake a holic, marshmallows with almond cake sounds divine!