Defy the Universe with Your Sandwich

Big day today, guys!  I am having my first guest blogger.

Is it an esteemed food blogger, known far and wide for their creative recipes?  Is it one of my dear readers, for whom I've finally gotten my ish together enough to ask?


It's a bit more local than that.

For you see I am not the only cook in this house, oh no.  While I entertain myself with molasses and rose water, someone stocks his cupboard (his shelf, really) with simpler fare.

But honestly, no one does simple fare better than he.

So, without further ado, I give you...the huzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! (Justin)

Also (oops here is slightly more ado) tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary!  How do you like that.  Take it from here, baby!

My name is Justin. Nice to meet you. I am a man. A 6'4 tall 220 lb man. A hungry man. A man condemned to spend too much of his time hungry, too much of his time rooting around for something...something...there's got to be something delicious here to eat...

...oooh, perhaps I'll make a sandwich. But not just any sandwich. I grow tired of pb&j. Yes, I've had enough of that -- Today I want more than to fill my cavernous gut with something more than my normal lowly proletariat chow...yes! Today I want to glut myself on a sandwich so fine it defies the eternities! I will make a sandwich that challenges forth in glory and triumph. Mmm...triumph...

Man cannot live on bread alone. Man must add turkey, or pastrami, or roast beef. Man must upgrade the lowly bread to rye or sourdough or ciabatta -- something more than that dumpy whole wheat reserved for pb&j. Man begins with a bunch of onions in the cast iron pan. Many onions. Browning adds cheese --directly on top of the onions in the cast iron. This is a secret learned in the streets of Mexico City...the cheese goes right onto the pan...mmm...queso fundido.

The cheese (in this sandwich mozzarella) gets crunchy on the edges. Man adds turkey meat right on top. Then turns the whole pile over to let the turkey cook. Man has toasted the rye bread already and now adds dijon and mayonnaise. Man has no sauerkraut or jalapenos today. Man remembers! Woman make guacamole! hooray, sandwich is rescued! (happily applies guacamole).

Sandwich! (man holds above head with both hands!

Man likes chips too.

 Observe this thing I have made!

 Observe it!!!
Mrrrmmm...nuummmm....snarf! mrrruummmm....nummm....yum


LynnieBee said...


jeannesioux said...

Sounds like my boy!

Evelyn said...

I think this may be the best guest blog post in the history of....guest blog posts. Looks good!!

anne said...

Great guest post , Anna ! hahahaha That's my kind of sandwich ! No skinny sandwich for me , thank you ! ;D Happy Anniversary to both of you ! Now , who's going to cook breakfast today ?! lol

a. maren said...

haha good question anne! as i recall we skipped breakfast and MAY have gone straight to the pizza buffet....