Ingredient of the Week: Sweet Limes

I went to the fancy store today to get some fancy food.

Namely, Meyer lemons.

Alas nay!  Meyer lemons were not to be found.

But there were...sweet limes.

Whaaaaat is a sweet lime, you ask?

I 'unno.

Gonna eat some and find out!

I cut one open, as you can see, and licked it.

It was sweet!

Tomorrow I'm going to make an ade of some sort out of them, or maybe just a juice if they're so sweet they don't require ade-ing.

Only experimentation of the highest scientific order can tell us.

Have you had these mysterious little citrus before?  Did they blow your mind?  Do they make a fine ade?  Tell me what you know!


Una Semplice Passione said...

I want to try as well!!!

anne said...

Sweet limes ?! I googled it ! :D Really interesting ! I want to try it , too ! Let's see what you're going to do with that beside making -ade- ;D that is ! lol

Cakebrain said...

gee they don't even look green. they look like squat lemons! looks yummy!

a. maren said...

wellll guys, i tried them and guess what? kinda meh. i guess they are primarily used medicinally in india, where they are from. and now i know why! they made a pretty insipid ade. oh well, better luck next time!

Kim Bee said...

These are so cool. I've never seen them before. I must check the market.