Springtime Farmer's Market

 I am an organized chef.

I may not be organized at anything else in my life, but darn if I ain't an organized chef.

On Thursday nights I get on the internets, or peruse my recipe books, and add up all the recipes I want to make for the next week.

A Fragrant Tree Peony?

I make a list.  I make two lists!  One for the regular super market, one for the fancy food shop.

In case I need Meyer lemons, you know.  Or perhaps some organic kale.

The system works beautifully.

I am thinking a truffle oil is in order.  Or a butter.  Or both!

But the Farmer's Market throws a wrench in the whole thing. 

I didn't plan for truffles, rhubarb, or strawberries this week!  But I bought them all (and got a bargain on two bunches of baby carrots for the price of one, to boot).

And I got a fragrant tree peony.  Or maybe it's a frangipani.  My brain is playing weirdo tricks on me, and I honestly can't remember which it is.  The names are vaguely homophonic, and I suspect one of them is made up...

Real strawberries are red all the way through.

How could I help it?  It's springtime, almost summer.  The brilliant gifts of nature that prove that the universe is a loving place are upon us.

Too serious?  You're too serious! 

Food is serious.

The rhubarb is already macerating with some apples for jam.  It's okay you guys, maceration is totally natural.
Now I just have to figure out what to do with it...

Suggestions welcome.


anne said...

Anna , that loot from the Farmer's Market looks absolutely DIVINE ! Truffle ?! The lovely bunches of carrots and the lusciously red strawberries makes me drool ! How come our Farmer's Market here are so BORING pffftttt lol

Can't wait what you're going to do with all that gorgeous produce ! :D

Guru Uru said...

The farmers markets are the very essence of fresh food my friend :D

Choc Chip Uru

a. maren said...

ha i know you guys right? i am super lucky, the farmer's markets in the northwest are the BEST! if we ever move out, i'm going to miss them. best take advantage while i'm close!