Ingredient of the week: Berreeez

 Guys!  Guys.  Guise.

Did you see the news?

Don't watch it!  Oh wait, you already did.

Quick turn it off!

Now shut your eyes and think about your childhood dog.

Your grandma's kitchen.

Your wedding day (real or imagined).

This is something that I just...can't.  Can you?

(I hope not.)

Don't obsess.

Don't try to grasp it.

Above all, don't try to understand why.  Because you can't.  And you shouldn't.

Say a prayer for people that are hurting.

Think of something nice to do for someone you know.

Yes, that is a walla walla onion as big as a baby's head.

Find someone's hand to hold, and have a nice weekend.


Ellen B Cookery said...


anne said...

I'm wishing right now that I could grab that red and yellow raspberries ! *sigh* :D Let me tell you , a 175 grams of raspberries costs nearly US$9 here ! Talk about highway robbery ! tsk tsk

a. maren said...

anne, that's horrible! they're around $4 i think in most US places, but i'm super spoiled living up in the northwest. berries everywhere! it's the up side of the sun never shining :)

Una Semplice Passione said...

It's just awful, what happened.....maybe food is as well a food to escape harsh reality.

I never have seen yellow raspberries!!! I'm so intrigued, do they taste exactly the same as the red ones?

a. maren said...

they are so good! i think they are even sweeter than normal raspberries. i'm trying to think of something unusually pretty to do with them before they get overripe!