Summer Foraging

Today I walked around my town

Captions not in rhyme.
To catch the fruit that's falling down.

Down side of mint:  it spreads like a weed.  Up side of mint:  your neighbors will beg you to take some.
In neighbor's yards, from tree to tree,

They cast their treasures down on me.

In purples, reds, in golds and browns,

Green walnuts make yellow dye.  Dried walnuts make brown dye.  The oil is citrus-y, and is anti-bacterial.
A feast for kings and queens I found.

It makes me smile, it makes me think,

I see you, sneaky grapes.
It puts no dishes in my sink.

Rose hips make tea and syrup, and are chock full of vitamin C.
I might be poor and maybe small,

But fruit is good, and free to all.

It makes me grateful, summertime,

It makes me feel the world's benign.

Crab apples taste like to come...
And so I close my little song,

Bay tree = tree of life
And wish you fruit, all summer long.


anne said...

If only I can teleport :D there and pick some of those luscious produce ! lol Gorgeous photos , Anna !

dervla @ The Curator said...

wow, this is beautiful. Love the foraging and your writing :)

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Anna! Very nice relaxing writing and pictures. I wish I have a garden like this so that I can explore with my children. I live next to a big canyon and all the wild animals eat our plants! >_<

a. maren said...

thanks you guys! just had to write a poem :)

Spicie Foodie said...

Hi Anna,

What a great post:) I've always wanted to go foraging around my area, and see what I could find. But I'm always afraid to pick something poisonous, lol. I can't wait to see what you make will all these great finds. Thanks for sharing!