Salmon Avocado Wraps

Here's a fishy little break to tide us over between caramel corn and candy apples (yes, they're coming).

There is even something green in there!  What season is it again?  It's like it isn't even fall!  It's like it isn't even Halloween!

But villagers, hear me!  Before you take up your pitchforks and torches and chase me back into my mountain stronghold.

The green is avocado.  It is smooth and creamy.  It will not sideline you with anything bitter or unsettlingly crisp.  It will smoosh up against your smoked salmon and blend with your cream cheese in delicate, pale green swirls.

The salmon is smokey and heavily peppered.  Yes, please.

You know salmon is like the Oregon state fish, right?  I mean, do we have a state fish?  I'm pretty sure it is the salmon.

You could eat this with chop sticks, if you wanted to.  It's kind of a bastardized, American-ized sushi.

And I say that with all affection.

If you eat this between handfuls of candy, go ahead and congratulate yourself on how healthy you've been the week of Halloween.

Good work!

Salmon Avocado Wraps (borrowed from Ellen over at Ellen B Cookery)

Flour tortillas

Smoked Salmon
Juice of 1/2 a lime
Cream Cheese
Cut avocado into small pieces and squeeze in the juice of 1/2 a lime.  Crush up and mix the flavors well.
Spread cream cheese on the tortilla wraps.
Add pieces of smoked salmon over the cream cheese.
Add a strip of the avocado/lime spread down the middle of the wrap.
Wrap closed and cut into strips. 

Ta da!


Anne Regalado said...

I'm all for these bastardized sushi ! :D Even without the avocado :D the flavor combo of these must be awesome ! Yum !!!!

jeannesioux said...

Oh, this truly looks fantastic!

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

How pretty!! And we love avocado AND salmon! I need to make this soon. I love your plate - lovely presentation!

a. maren said...

anne do you not like avocado?? interesting! i am not crazy about the texture but when it's smooshed in with things like it is here i love it.

thanks jeanne!

and thanks nami! hearing that from someone who routinely presents things beautifully means a lot :)