Thanksgiving Prep 2012


The day of the great turkey bird is at hand.

I have disappointingly few Thanksgiving recipes in my archives, I've discovered.

Maybe I don't cook much for that day.


Or maybe I tend to spend that day passed out in an oversized chair, and by the time I wake up even the leftovers are gone.

Hmm.  Mysteries.

But!  For those of you without perfect Martha Stewart menus put together (so, so few of us, I know), I thought I'd throw out a few suggestions.

These things are tested, tasted, and certainly delicious.  I hope they are helpful to somebody out there still on the search for the perfect feast.

Roasted Almond Butter Stuffed Apples

Garlic Breadsticks with Sea Salt

Dijon Braised Brussels Sprouts
Wild Rice Salad with Roasted Root Vegetables and Tahini Dressing

Desserts (hmm I guess we can see where my primary interests lie):
Foolproof Pie Crust
Lemon Cheese Braided Bread
Pumpkin Maple Spice Whoopie Pies
Hazelnut Maple Pie
Sweet Potato Pie
Buttered Walnut Creme Brulee

Homemade Ginger Ale

What are you planning for the big day?  And if you are in a country that isn't the US, what are you planning to eat on Thursday?  I MUST KNOW.


Elisabeth said...

Hi Anna, I just discovered your blog thru Toni' thrilled to see all those delicious round-up of Thanksgiving recipe ideas! Just love your garlic sea salt breadsticks, your creme brulee, and would love to make your homemade ginger a matter of fact, I'm gonna check out each and every recipe.

Thanks for sharing, happy to follow your blog, and invite you to do the same!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Spicie Foodie said...

Everything looks great Anna. But right now I wouldn't mind a creme brulee:)

Spicie Foodie said...

Oops I forgot to wish you Happy Thanksgiving:)

jeannesioux said...

I want one of those bread sticks, right now!!!

a. maren said...

nice to meet you elizabeth! i will head on over to your blog shortly shortly :)

aw spicie nice to see you round here! a happy thanksgiving to you, if you're celebrating!

jeanne, i'm on it...look for them around, oh, december 15th?

Anne Regalado said...

On Thursday ? Us ! Here ?! Sadly , not as scrumptious as the one you've listed ! lol Just think of us who don't celebrate Thanksgiving while you're scarfing some part of the bird :D