Kitchen Gadgets

I'm making this tonight.

No pictures yet, but the process is already delightful. 

Pans of toasted hazelnuts?  In my house?  Yes please!

I borrowed a food processor off a friend to grind them.

I've been making do without one with a combination of a blender, a mortar and pestle, and occasionally an ancient, hand-ground nut chopper.

Making do.

I sometimes like the caveman feel of doing things my own way, without all the hip tech.

But I sure would love a food processor of my own.

What kitchen gadgets do you love?  What do you wish you had?  What do you have that you could live without?  What do you think about homemade Nutella?  (like I have to ask, we all think the same thing about homemade Nutella)


Anne Regalado said...

Have you seen the espresso KitchenAid standmixer ?! I would really love to have that yumminess ! lol I need to buy Nutella as I haven't eaten it for quiet sometime :P

jeannesioux said...

Oh Anna,
That sounds marvelous. Let's do that when you come out here! Years ago, the kids and I ground up lots of egg shells in an ancient mortar and pestle.

a. maren said...

yes jeanne let's do it! i have to ask though what in the world did you do with lots of egg shells! or was it just for the fun of mortar and pestling?