Flowers in Spring

Well, I've disappeared a bit, I know.

Due to health concerns (again) I've had to give up wheat, dairy, and sugar for a while (again). 

This will be temporary, but frankly I'm a little depressed about it (again).

Did you know sugar is in everything?  Eh.  Vree.  Thing.

Cans of beans?  Sugar.  Mayonnaise?  Sugar.  Garlic salt?  Garlic and salt?

No.  Sugar.

So rather than try to sell you on the virtues of peanut butter (natural fresh ground, otherwise it has, you guessed it, sugar) smeared over rice cakes, or plain broth lentil soups, how about we think about other pleasures?  Non-food pleasures?

Yes please.

Is it springtime yet where you are?  It's huffing and puffing along here.

Here we have big flower shrubs called rhododendrons.  They have these massive blossoms and come in all colors.

It's a bit early for most of them, but this lavender color was in full flower.

Azaleas, forget-me-nots and Christmas roses. 

Utah was yellow and brown and blue sky.  But Oregon is shades of blue and purple underneath the green.

And pink.  Cool, spring pink.

Happy spring to you.


Priya said...

That's a bit tough on you Anna. Hope you will get alright soon.

And beautiful photos. Love the colours!

Anne Regalado said...

Bummer ! Hope you'll be alright soon ! Non-food pleasures are a-okay lol I would like to see more of Oregon's beautiful surroundings :D Anyway , lovely photos esp the last one :)

Evelyn said...

Oh man, that really sucks...I'm so sorry! You're right, between gluten, dairy and sugar there aren't many options. I'm glad it's temporary.

And WOW! Yes, Utah is so brown looks beautiful!

LynnieBee said...

Boo! *hugs*

jeannesioux said...

Your little man is so cute. We all miss him!

Here in Michigan, we saw a few crocus stems starting to peek out, but then last night, it snowed another inch, and the roads were icy.

Your photos are beautiful!

a. maren said...

thanks for the sympathy, you guys! it was really nice to read the comments here. :)

a. maren said...

hopefully we will be doing some traveling in the next few weeks so there may well be more outdoor photos! there will still be food photos too, of course...:)