Hello, friends.  How is everyone?

I'm doing well.  I don't have a recipe for you tonight, rather I have some bad news.

At least, I hope it will seem like bad news.

I am indefinitely suspending this blog, as of now.

I've loved hanging around Icy Violet's kitchen, but it's taken some blows lately.  I got booted off my advertiser in June and lost some real cash.

I got sick and couldn't cook normally for like, four months (remember that?).

Now I'll be out of town with sketchy access to a computer for almost a whole month.

I just can't do that to you guys!  Always checking in, nothing new there, resentment growing.

I can feel it.  Resentment travels quickly on the internet.

I may come back in July and start again.  Unless I get pregnant again (maybe soon!) and get knocked out by morning sickness for three months, like LAST TIME.

Or I may start again in a year or two, some new place, some new name (I'm a little over Icy Violets, although I do still love sugared violets).  A cooking blog, or a cake blog, or something else entirely.  I can't keep off the internet for long.

We may meet again.

Until that day, I'll miss you.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  I'll still visit yours.  I love you internet!


Jon said...

You have always gotten my creative juices flowing. I hope you are doing well and that you can at least blog interesting recipes that you stumble across in life or the web. Thanks for everything, -Former Skinny Guy

Priya said...

Oh, I'm so sad to see you go Anna :( Hope you will come back soon. And it would be great if you could give a notification here or on my blog if you are going for a new blog.

Until then, Have a great time. Hope none of your health issues would come back. Stay safe!

jeannesioux said...

Oh grrr.
I am sorry about that, Anna.
I am just glad that I got to see that latest cake before Justin ate it!
Your blog was wonderful!

Anne Regalado said...

Oh Anna ! I'm gonna miss your witty posts ! Hope you won't be away for too long :(

So , stay safe as well ! Keep baking :D

Preggy ?! Hope it'll be a girl !

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hi Anna! I'm so sorry to hear you are taking a break (hope you will be back soon!). But I understand how much work we have to put to the blog. When I put full-time hours to my blog, I realized it's no longer just a hobby. But at the same time it requires so much work, not just cook, shoot, and share the post, but include working on social media and everything around the blog (not to mention technical side). I enjoy doing it, but I lost majority of my free time for the blog and now it's 24/7 job. You have a great blog and hope you will have some time to continue writing it! :)

LynnieBee said...

We'll miss you! Good Luck with all your new adventures!!! Hope to see you back in some format in the future!

Anonymous said...

I'm Sorry to hear that Anna, your blog is really the only one i follow faithfully. Let me know when you decide to do something else. Love ya Mary lou

Martine said...

I haven't read your blog for very long, but I have enjoyed it and will miss your posts!

Michaela Riding said...

And I've just recently started reading your site regularly, silly me! Take care of yourself, and let me know if you start a blog again. Miss you!

Mumsfilibaba said...

I will miss your blog but understand your decision. See you in future :)