Halloween 2014

I Columbus'd this Day of the Dead alter.  It's the true meaning of Halloween!

Arg!  Apologies for being away so long.  Been having some technical difficulties.  Should be all fixed up soon.

A day late and many dollars short (as usual), here is my Halloween entry.  Try to remember what that long, long ago day was like as you read...

Happy Hurlaween!

Anybody else eat all the candy?  Eh?  Eh?

I had some of my kid's candy.  Better me than him, right?

Right.  Sucker.

For a Halloween party this year I made monster cake pops and ghost cupcakes.

I'm normally against using fakey things like 'Wilton Candy Melts', which are made of shortening and ground
up shards of glass.

But something about Halloween justifies the use of extreme sweets, vivid, unnatural colors, and mildly toxic chemicals.

Do we drown ourselves in a feast of sweets so strong they'll melt your teeth as a celebration of life?  Or an invitation to death.

This is a post-party cake pop.  This cake pop partied a little too hard.
The dead don't get to eat sweets.  Maybe we all know that is what we will miss the most.

Halloween is about remembering the dead and enjoying the pleasures of this life while we have them.  Something macabre, something sweetly, tastily rotten in there.

I love topsy-turvy carnivalesque holidays, where the air smells like something is burning and time goes out of joint.

And on November 1, I'm always a little bit glad it's over.

Halloween Treats

For my ghost cupcakes I did this simple vanilla cupcake recipe (with buttermilk, 1/3 cup of chocolate chips and a whole teaspoon of salt) with this confectioner's frosting, using milk in place of champagne.  Get your candy eyeballs from the candy eyeball store.

For cake pops I did the same vanilla cake recipe without the choco chips, crumble it up and mix it in with the same frosting recipe, shape into balls, stick lollipop sticks into balls, freeze your balls, dip your balls in melted Wilton candy melts (also available at the candy eyeball store) and decorate with candy eyeballs and candy.

Fun was had!

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