Missed Opportunities and a Giveaway

Eat at the Creswell Bakery!

I love blogging about food.

I get so excited about it, sometimes I have false starts.  And my camera fills up with these photos of almost-posts.

Canneles de Bordeaux - small, tasty, eggy pastries that got a bit...overcooked.

Food that never got made, or food that got made but didn't turn out.

Food that got made and turned out but got eaten before I took pictures.

Last Year's Fruit Crisp - made of all my leftover frozen fruit from last year's harvest. 

Restaurants and travels I super meant to blog but somehow didn't come out with the full picture I wanted.

I have a pig full of plans on my wall every day.  Translating those plans to table to blog is a journey that only works out some of the time.

That's black heirloom poppin' corn right there.

But you know what?  You live and learn and eat and cook and blog another day.

Look at this cool thing!  My brilliant, embroidery-minded friend made this thing.

She used to sell them and like things on Etsy, but has since shuttered her shop.

Too bad for her and the world, but good for me because that means this is one of a kind.

I mean, they TASTED good.

Well, it's two of a kind because she made me two and I am keeping one.

This other one I am giving away to one of you kindly readers!

How is it that the only pictures I got of this delicious dessert were when it was unattractively dusted with flour?

Leave a comment on this blog and let me know what your greatest kitchen swing-and-miss is or was.  A week from today I will pick a winner and then, pow!

This will be in your mailbox.  The real thing.


Mary Sieroslawski said...

My biggest kitchen miss was the Thanksgiving roll disaster of '13. I always struggled with yeast, and that year I thought I had it right. The rolls were beautiful, they were herby and aromatic, they were...hard as rocks.

Laura said...

This one's my favorite disaster, but I have MANY.

So, I decided to make a cherry pie for my boyfriend a couple of years ago. Cherry is his favorite. The recipes I found were all pretty complicated though (lots of steps) and I make apple pie all of the time so I figured, why not just treat it kind of like an apple pie?


I skipped a bunch of "unnecessary" steps, didn't have nearly enough cornstarch/stiffener, and didn't pre-bake the crust. In the end, I made a (rather tasty!) cherry stew in a moist doughy shell. Yummm.....

a. maren said...

oh mary! i have so been there with yeasted things. i gave up on them entirely right until eugene city bakery closed :(

a. maren said...

haha mmm cherry stew! laura i once made a cherry pie without pitting the cherries. it'll be FINE, i thought. no one has any problem spitting them out when eating them individually! only thing is, in a pie you aren't eating them individually. nobody likes a mouthful of pits.

Libby said...

Last night I tried to make my own lemon aioli to have with fish. However it ended up tasting mainly of mayonnaise. I added a ton of crap to make it less 'nnaisey (olive oil, lemon pepper, lemon juice, garlic, vinegar, smoked paprika, cayenne...it got weird) and in the end it tasted strangely reminiscent of ranch dressing. Like, really really close. Pretty sure I stumbled upon Hidden Valley's secret recipe, but it did not go well with fish :(

a. maren said...

haha ew ranch on fish! so much work for ranch on fish.