My Extracts

Pour some vodka on it!

That's the new motto at my house.

It started with a homemade vanilla - fun to do, handy.

And while vanilla beans are spendy, in the end you get way more bang for your buck doing it this way than buying those little 2 oz vanilla bottles from the store for $7 a pop.


Quelle richesse.

Of course, if you can make vanilla extract then it stands to reason you can make other extracts.

Almond extract!

This one takes a little longer to age, supposedly about 3 months to really acquire that amandine fragrance.

But it's getting cloudy already, and it's a good start.

And now it's really gone too far, because that third one is lilac extract.

That's right, I picked some (unsprayed) lilac flowers from a bush.  Soaked them to get rid of the bugs.  Stuck them in a jar.

And poured some vodka on it.

The color has changed from, well, lilac, to a sort of copper.  The smell is pretty extraordinary.

Future vodka goals: Mint extract.  Cocoa bean.  Rose!  Hazelnut?

Sky's the limit, people!


Pour some vodka on it.  Cap, put in dark place.  Leave until smells like the thing you are trying to extract.


jeannesioux said...

That's amazing, Anna. I had never thought of doing something like this. You are a chemist!!! What a great idea. Can't wait to see what other concoctions you will come up with. Is vodka something that you have to put with everything? Is that normally what they use with vanilla?

a. maren said...

Thanks Jeanne! Vodka and/or bourbon are the most common extract media, but you can also use vegetable glycerine although it takes longer and the taste can be fainter. Or so I hear. :)