King Estate Winery

The summer is upon me.

I cannot cook.  I can only travel to places and have others cook for me.

Behold!  The King Estate Winery.

Nestled in the Oregon hills, overlooking miles of quiet farmland.  The only thing we could hear looking out was the swish of the wind.

Lavender to attract bees.  Bees to make grapes.  Grapes to make...well, you get it.

Bzz bzz.  Lean in for the lovely smell but don't snuff up a bee!

The sky was perfectly cloudless.  The sun was bright, fine and hot.

Bushy grapevines growing little bebe fruits.

Smell of hay and green things and lavender.

You can only play soccer at wineries.  Other sports are BANNED.

There's something romantic here...

The bloom is off the rose and on my baby's head.

Oak casks from France.  I guess French oak makes the best casks.

Rooms for chilling, swirling, and fermenting.

A large cooling tank - did you know wine heats up as it ferments?  I didn't.

Now the best part - lunch!  Truffle fries.

The menu changes frequently, we ordered a house-cured charcuterie plate.

Gorgonzola, dry salami, with crudites, crackers and mustard.

This was my favorite combination - gorgonzola and candied apricot on a seeded cracker.

Goodbye, beautiful sun-kissed winery!  I'll see you in my dreams!


Abbe@This is How I Cook said...

What a lovely vineyard and it looks like even the kids had a great time! Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope to see you again soon!

dedy oktavianus said...

awesome trip.....
never been to may winery before, interesting!!!
Simply damn delicious n comforting meals!!!
Dedy@Dentist Chef

Jasline @ Foodie Baker said...

Grapes to make wine! What an amazing experience you've had. I love the lavender fields, so beautiful!

a. maren said...

nice to meet you, abbe! i will definitely be by again soon.

a. maren said...

always a pleasure to see you here, chef dedy! i think with your interest in the complexities of food, you would probably really enjoy a winery.

a. maren said...

right jasline? i was almost as excited about the lavender as the wine. i guess they grow it to attract bees who then stick around to pollinate the wine grapes. i want some of that honey!