Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict at Studio One

Complain about the rain though I might, there are a few things that are completely wonderful about living in Eugene. One is that it always feels something like camping...every time I go outside it smells like wood and pine trees! Everywhere I look there is a tree-covered horizon, bristly pines into blue (or grey) sky. It's really beautiful.

The other thing is the FOOD. I don't know what it is about people here, but they have their heads on straight. They want their food fresh, they want it local, and they want it delicious. And the local restaurants respond accordingly. I have not taken sufficient advantage of this, either in my life or on this blog.

For example, within a block of my apartment there exists a very classy bistro, a from-scratch French bakery, a from-scratch ice cream parlor, and a mysterious little place called the Studio One Cafe. I thought it must be closed down, because I never saw anyone there, until one weekend morning when we were up uncharacteristically early, my husband and I passed by and saw the line that stretched out into the street.

We asked one of the people in line what they served, and what to get, and she said, answering both questions: "EGGS BENEDICT." Everyone around her nodded fervently.

I could tell it was the kind of advice that should not be lightly dismissed. So the other day, when the sun was finally out and we were both up early for no real reason, my husband and I decided to go get some breakfast.

We were not disappointed. They had many different varieties of Eggs Benedict, but as an Intermountain girl only recently moved to the northwest, I had to order the seafood one. In my dish the traditional biscuits were replaced by perfectly fried, perfectly fresh crab cakes.

Do I need to specify that it was real crab? I don't think Eugeneans would feel that need. Maybe after living here a while I will finally shake the memories of intermountain krab meat.

Crab cakes eggs benedict. With warm, fresh Hollandaise drizzled over, sweet, crunchy spinach leaves underneath and salty, crisp-on-the-outside yet warm-and-potato-y-on-the-inside homefries on the side.

They also serve waffles and pancakes, and I noticed the pot of jam on the table had that homemade taste. Quality.

What more is there to say?

Except this: If you're ever in Eugene, always get the seafood. And if you're getting food, don't forget to stop by Studio One Cafe. It's not closed down, it's a breakfast place. And it is one of the best things you will eat in Eugene, and in your life.


Vee said...

*DROOOL* nothing in the world will seem satisfying again until have this breakfast!

jeannesioux said...

Don't you just love these little nook-ish restaurants?!

a. maren said...

i do love them jeanne, i do. vee then you will just have to come visit!! :)