May Flowers

Itch itch itch.

I'm pregnant. Have you heard? Not sure if I've mentioned it much here...

Scratch scratch scratch.

As a pregnant person (an Engorged-American, if you will), I have faced a lot of difficulties these past few months.

Morning sickness.

Wild headaches that don't respond to the weak medications we preggies are allowed.

Toppling over easily.

But what I have now, well, I won't say it's the worst thing. But maybe it is.

Here it is. My tummy itches. Like, ALL the TIME!

Twitch twitch twitch.

Like 1,000 mosquito bites.

I shouldn't scratch it. That's bad for it.

Sneaky scratch.

I put a cream on it, and that helped for about ten seconds.

Itch itch.

It could be worse. And it's a good sign, really. A sign that baby bun is growing, ready to pop-out all baked and ready in eight weeks' time.

Just hope I don't go crazy before then.

Enjoy the pretty flowers, friends. Sorry they aren't edible - I have more of those posts coming up too. I just wanted to post something to celebrate the beautiful spring, and let people know I am officially done whining about rain until, oh, at least September.

These images brought to you by my husband, who was delighted to finally use the nice camera he bought himself years ago that has since been co-opted for food blogging purposes and encrusted in flour.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures, honey.

Scratch scratch scratch.


packdad said...

You are a make-me-smile writer, a. marin. Delightful, and the flowers are wonderfully colorful. It must be lovely there right now.
And itching? Maybe that is your skin, stretching? Interesting stuff!

jeannesioux said...

Oops, that was Jeanne.

Jamie said...

Itchy preggie belly is the worst. I sympathize.

Justin Pack said...

The Camas flower in the fifth picture has a sweet edible root. Native Americans used to farm Camas and it was a staple of their diet.

So it was a food post after all.

Kris Ngoei said...

These beautiful flowers just represent these very happy moments of yours, I enjoy every bit of your writing.... and deep from my heart, I congratulate you for the pregnancy :-)

a. maren said...

thank you so much, kris! that is very nice of you to say.