Dirty Eggs for Breakfast

I'm getting into cooking lately.

When it comes to cooks vs bakers, I've always been on the baking side.

Perfect measurements, recipes, and predictable results fit right into my charmingly OCD nature.

Charmingly, I said.

Also, I have no eye for foods that go together.

For example, I hate Subway. Because I don't know what foods go together. I'm the one who orders the meatball sub with everything on it.

I'm even worse at the Pita Pit (do you have one of those? Same idea as Subway, but with pitas and even more ingredients available). Hmmm...I like jalepenos, and I like tzatziki sauce, and I like black beans. Also mustard, red onions, pickles and Nutella. Give me all of those!


If someone else wants to get me Subway, I'm all for it. I just can't be trusted to pick and mix my own ingredients.

But, after all that, there is something so appealing about a hash.

And I think, maybe, if I think real hard about it, I can come up with some ingredients that would probably go together.

Bacon. Good start.

Tomatoes? Yes!

What about eggs? To make it breakfasty? Oo, good.

And then what if...what if you stacked it all on some fresh baked sourdough bread?

Now I think we're getting somewhere.

Onions and garlic, because they improve everything.

And hey! Presto.

Dirty Eggs a la Me.

Breakfast is served.

Anna's Dirty Eggs

adjust amounts based on how much you want to eat/feed others

8 slices bacon
8 eggs
1/4 c milk
2 tomatoes, sliced
1/2 onion, chopped
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 loaf fresh baked sourdough bread, if you can get it

Fry up the bacon. While it's cooking, beat together the eggs and about 1/4 c milk. When the bacon is done, pour out about half the grease. Add the onions and garlic into the pan and fry in the remaining grease. When approaching translucent, add egg mixture. Stir and scramble. When almost cooked through, add tomatoes (I added them too early, at the same time as the egg mixture. It's better to add them at the end) and cover for about 2 minutes (this will lightly steam them). Stir until eggs are finished. Serve with sliced bread and butter. And orange juice.


Missy Maker said...

I think it sounds astoundingly good!! I'll definitely be making it on a lazy weekend morning.

Anne Regalado said...

I love Subway ! hahahaha Your little boy looks so cute ! Anyway , that dirty eggs really look appetizing ;) Getting hungry reading that recipe :D

the actor's diet said...

dirty eggs sound good! and by the way, i'll take something with jalapeƱos mustard and tzatziki too!

olivia said...


i'm reeeally hoping you remember me because i'm about to write you a novel as if we were old friends: first, i thank you for posting blog links on your facebook or for libby for having a link; i can't remember how i got here first. but i have been peeking every so often and i have a big laugh and a big drool every time. it makes me wish we could go to falafel joints every day and get yelled at by the man. well, actually it just makes me wish i could hang out with you.

but i will just try making what you post in the meantime. i need some egg breakfasts more often. i need some lessons too. tell me, do your leave your burner on medium the whole time? higher for bacon? not? you don't have to tell me. but i'll check back just in case.

sorry for the mega comment but i had some catching up to do. that last chocolate monologue? so great. i want snarffenberger's + oranges now. and a while ago you posted an almond cake which i meant to make for the new year and then forgot. ah, well. always next year.

i'll be off now. congrats on your baby! we have one too and decided they are the world's best-kept secret. even tho the world already thinks they're great. we think they're greater.

ok. seriously leaving.


Loveforfood said...

interesting.. i love to try it.

LynnieBee said...

YUM! Normally I'm not a huge scrambled eggs fan, but those look DELISH!

jeannesioux said...

"Babies are the world's best-kept secret. even tho the world already thinks they're great. we think they're greater."

Well said, and the "little man" peeking out from behind that food is really saying, "Two weeks to go, Mommy, and then can I have some dirty eggs too?" :)

a. maren said...

holy cow olivia! of course i remember you! i'm so delighted that you like my blog. and that you are enjoying your baby! aren't they great? it's like that thing everybody knows and then it's a cliche and then everybody forgets just how great it really can be...not easy per se, but great.

egg questions! sorry about my un-thorough recipe, i always leave things out when i try to write down my own! so for bacon i usually cook it on medium high, in a big mound that i flip occasionally until it reaches my desired level of doneness (it might get too warm, depending on how hot your oven runs, in which case feel free to turn it down!). for eggs i like it closer to medium, but again, adjusting according to the speed at which they're cooking.

thank you for your sweet comments! it's nice to hear from you, and i'm glad you're doing well. and do make that almond cake! it's really, really good (i haven't archived it under 'recipes' yet but you can find it with the search thingy on the side).