Almond Butter Stuffed Apples

Oh man. I don't know what's good for me, sometimes.

I've now gone to hot yoga twice in a row.

Do you guys know hot yoga? It was recommended to me by some gorge slim friend of mine. And I was like, well, if you do hot yoga, I want to do hot yoga, gorgeous 5 foot nine friend with long red hair.

But it's like, hell. Okay? It's so hard.

It's ninety minutes in a 105 degree room of super intense yoga. There's no relaxing pseudo-Indian music playing. No mini-Ganeshas wishing me well.

Just a lady rocking spandex at the front and shouting drill sergeant type yoga instructions at me.

"Twist your arms around your heels and arch back! Move back! Stretch back! Go back! More back!"

Okay. So actually it's not all that bad. I mean it is, but you sure feel great after, you know? At least, if you're 5'9" and gorge.

But I totally overdid it and now I have this headache which is like one giant, exquisite blossom of pain curdling over my skull.


So I guess I'm not going to be blogging for long tonight.

But still. Almond butter apples are the perfect food for this type of situation. High nutrient, dense but light, and just perfectly, kissingly sweet. They are a recharging, high energy dessert you will never feel bad about.

Especially if you're doing hot yoga later on.

Almond-Butter Stuffed Apples (barely adapted from Spicie Foodie)

apples, rinsed (as many as you like)
almond butter (about 1.5 - 2 T per apple)
olive oil
oats (1 T/ apple)
crushed flax seeds, optional

Preheat oven to 400 and have baking sheet or dish ready. Use a small pairing knife to gently core the apples. I thought this part would be difficult, but it really wasn't. Just use a sharp knife to remove the core, you want the hole to be about the size of an American quarter to get out all the seeds without removing too much of the apple. Rub a little olive oil around the apples, then sprinkle a little bit of salt on the apple skin. Stuff a few oats into the cored bottom of the apple, this is to block draining. Next place about 1 tbsp Almond Butter into the apple core. Sprinkle some crushed flax seeds over the top then use the cut apple top to cover. Place on baking sheet or dish in center of oven.

Bake for 15 minutes or until your apples are soft. Allow to cool slightly before serving.


Cakebrain said...

hey! this is so neat! It's like a reverse apple crisp! yum!

anne said...

Yoga ! I wish ! Lazy here ! hahaha Love that apple ! Haven't tried baking it though tsk !

LynnieBee said...


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that was funny, dear friend. I can just imagine you in a stuffy room at 105 degrees, stripping down all kinds of muscles.
Sounds like Arizona and the Valley of the Sun, and working in the garden at those temperatures.
Sweat it out! Get rid of those toxins!
(Take it easy.)

Evelyn said...

Yum, this looks SO good!! Best without the Bikram my non-skinny opinion!:-)

Spicie Foodie said...

I think you meant to say "slightly adapted" rather than "barely adapted" Also can you fix the link please, it's linking incorrectly.

Glad you liked my recipe!

a. maren said...

link fixed, spicie! sorry about that weirdness, and thanks for letting me know. slightly vs. barely though? i mean aren't they all just symptoms for just a little bit? thanks for the lovely recipe!