Ingredient of the Week: Fancy Salts

Salt isn't boring!

Is that what you were thinking? SALT? How boring.

Think again, mister! Didn't you see my headline? These salts are fancy salts.

These salts were a gift from husband last birthday.

I mean like, a year ago birthday.

Because I'm one of those people who, when they get something nice, they carefully put it away and only look nervously at it for a good, long time until they realize no one is probably going to take it from them and they should use it.

(Not that people commonly take things from me. People never do that. But I still worry about it.)

(Also this approach doesn't work with food that goes should have seen the state of the first black truffles I bought for myself. Needless to say, truffles DON'T keep for a year.)

But I brought these out recently, and I'm daring to use them. And guess what?

They're great! They're so cool.

There is a pink one, that's sort of round and nubby and sweet.

And a white one that is flaky and prismatic. Really cool crystalline shapes in there.

There is a black one, which I think has carbon in it? Or lava, maybe. Can't remember the labeling now, but it is BLACK. Wow.

And then this yellow one with garlick melted into it.

And then one that is smoked over hickory wood.

Those flavored ones I'm still saving, because they need to go on something really special, something that will really showcase their flavor.

Popcorn maybe? Or corn on the cob? Or some kind of salted caramel cupcake type thing?

Well, maybe not the garlic one on the cupcake. But the pink or the black? How cool would that be?

Another plus: all these salts are weird, chunky shapes that don't fit in an ordinary salt shaker. So I keep them in small fancy bowls, and take pinches from them whenever I want. It's very snooty and excellent.

Have you ever worked with such fancy salts, friends? How did you use them? And what are your recommendations for the flavored ones (smoked and garlic)?


anne said...

Wow ! Salt hoarder ? hahahaha I've seen the pink one and the white but not that gorgeous black and the other two ! You could put in those fancy salt grinder instead of a bowl ;D I guess sprinkling that flavored salt over fish , poultry or meat before grilling or roasting sounds good !

Cakebrain said...

hee hee! I see that plate that I've got too!
I too have a ton of different salts in my cupboard. My favourite to sprinkle on grilled meats is Maldon salt. The Pink Himalayan salt I use for veggies or sometimes baked goods. I use Fleur de Sel in Salted Caramel or chocolates. I think the black carbon salt you have looks cool!

Em said...

Recently I have had some really good salted chocolates and salted ice cream. Both had chocolate and caramel and both were DIVINE. It only takes a few grains to give it the yummy contrast and it is oh so worth it.

a. maren said...

mmm em and cakey you are right, just a few grains of that on salted caramel or chocolates? heaven! and anne, meat is an excellent idea! just plain salt and pepper and oil make a wonderful roast anything.

Michaela said...

I am reading a book called A History of Salt right now. pretty interesting stuff. And I bought a great hunk of it for an object lesson. Yay! You can grate it when you want some. Or just lick if you want. I won't judge.