Ingredient of the Week: Nori

Ugh, better hurry tonight folks.

I've got a crying baby in the other room, and a frazzled husband doing his best to hold the fort until I come in.

I just wanted to tell you about seaweed, though.

Have you had it?

It's green.  And healthy.  And salty (at least this kind is...the nice man at the Asian market directed me which kind was good for direct snacking [as opposed to, you know, sushi rolling or some such], but you can buy it unseasoned too).

I think, if I can pull this off, it's going to be my new chips.  It's snacky and crunchy and really scratches that itch for salt.

It's also good crumbled up and sprinkled on an avocado salad I'm going to show you soon...SOON!

But for now, well, I'd better go attend to mah precious child.

Tell me what you think about seaweed!


anne said...

Another reminder to make sushi asap ! :D Roasted seaweed crisps are so addictive ! I can eat loads of it in one setting ! pfffttt Always telling myself , sodium alert !!! lol Can't wait what you're going to do with that nori ! Now , go and feed that poor boy ! :D

Guru Uru said...

I remember trying seaweed in primary school - a Chinese friend practically shoved it down my throat ;)
At the time I was pretty disgusted but after my sushi phase and maturing taste buds, I think I ought to give this snack a second try :D

Choc Chip Uru

a. maren said...

oo yeah anne the sodium! i have to watch out for that...everything else about seaweed is so healthy i like to selectively forget about the sodium. and guru, yup i agree it definitely has to do with maturing tastebuds. although maybe people born where it's eaten regularly learn to like it earlier?