Ingredient of the Week? Red Pepper Flakes?

I am at a loss tonight, guys.  A loss.

I just don't have any original ingredients in my house right now.  The best I could come up with were red pepper flakes.

You know, those things they have at pizza restaurants that you sprinkle on your pizza?  Those.  Everyone knows what those are though.  Boring.

Yum, though.  They have actually replaced black pepper at my table.

But I don' t have any pictures of them.  Cause it's late and I'm tired, and it's night and the light is terrible.

I think I'm going to go watch this on netflix, due to my vague yet persistent interest in the non-scientific side of paleontology.  Like Ross from friends!

But do - do eat red pepper flakes.  They're the best.

Back on Tuesday with some baked-licious goodies.



anne said...

And pepper flakes is not original ?! tsk tsk ! hahahaha Most people love pepper ! Me ?! I sprinkle it in most everything I cook ! :D

Gourmantine said...

I don't think I've come as far as to using red pepper flakes instead of black pepper, but I could not imagine most of my sauces without them. My preferred ones would be pepperonccino flakes for Sicily!

Kimberly said...

As you are the most culinary savvy person I know, I would like to know what you consider to be your top ten must-have spices/seasonings/herbs, etc.

a. maren said...

what! thanks for sticking around, guys i didn't expect this post to get much traffic :) comments appreciated. and kimberly! you've given me a fabulous idea for a blog post! i will have to deeply consider your question, and then make a big thing of it. hooray!