Ingredient of the Week: Pie*

There are two old ladies that live in my head.

They wear aprons, dispense wisdom, and cluck at me when I'm going out drenched in perfume like a streetwalker.

They are helpful ladies.  When my son was young and I had no idea what was going on, they reassured me that he was normal and I was normal and everything was normal, and women have been having babies since the dawn of time, so what makes you so special? 

Followed up by some affectionate hand pats.

But they also disapprove of my housekeeping, think I go too easy on my kid, and definitely frown on my pie.


Well, I don't make pretty pies.

Have you ever seen a pretty pie?  One those old ladies used to do?  Making a pie to these ladies was like making a sandwich.  And damned if their crust wasn't perfectly crimped.  Uncrimped crust would not do.

Like letting your husband go to work with a dark stain around his collar.  Slatternly.

Well, I don't make very pretty pies.  No cute cut-outs, no latticing.  Hardly even any crimping.

But I'll tell you this, bloggy friends and imaginary old ladies:  I make a tasty pie.

And it is that time of year.  Blueberry.  Raspberry.  Plum.  Apple.

Pick 'em while they're ripe and full of sun, and stuff them in a crust.  Quick!

Soon it'll be all hazelnuts and sweet potatoes, and where will we be then?

I have a feeling the old ladies will help me through it.

They always do.

Here is my favorite crust.

What pies are you making this year?  Do you make pretty pies?  

*Okay so pie isn't necessarily an ingredient.  Or is it? 


Anonymous said...

Your pies look delicious and seriously so mouth-watering....

Beth said...

Ha! My pies are generally unattractive but always delicious! (And I have the same little old ladies in my head too.)

The 3 F's said...

We've always felt that the "pretty" pies don't taste as good anyway. Lattice is too crunchy...much better to let the crust soak up the fruit juice inside. Great post!

jeannesioux said...

Yumm! What does a pie taste like that is made out of those little oblong purple plums?

Anne Regalado said...

Well , at least you're not swearing while making the crust ! :D Actually , your pies look great and drool-worthy ! Show me some links of pretty pies and I'll say those are photoshopped ! lol The last time I've bought plums was so sour I had to throw it ! :P

dervla @ The Curator said...

who cares how ugly your pies are - i bet they taste delicious going down :) Pie season is my favorite. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Haha, pretty pie? Well I don't care as long as the pie is flaky (I love crispy and flaky pie!) and there is vanilla ice cream on top/side. It's all about comfort. :D

a. maren said...

you guys are great! and really, with this crust, all that matters is that it's there. mmm. jeanne - the plums had little sour skins, so they weren't my favorite. BUT they look pretty, and the crust was great :)

Margaret@KitchenFrau said...

Your photos make this pie look sooooo good. That crust looks absolutely flaky and crisp - exactly the kind of pie I would sell my soul for. And PLUM pie! I love plums in cakes, so I'm sure they must be pretty good when paired with that crust.