Recipe for: Blond Hair

Hi all!  Sorry no recipe tonight.  No time for baking - we have a hair emergency on our hands!

I like my hair blond.  Today I went in to get my roots blonded.  The lady yellowed them.

That is not the same as blond.  It is, however, what happens when you get it done at the hair school and the LADY mixes up the BLEACH with the TONER.  TWICE!!


Yellow hair against my pinkish skin makes it look sort of like I have permanent sunburn.

So I'm blonding it myself.

Behold!  DIY blond hair!

Yes, west-coasters, that is a Winco bag.  I forgot to buy a cap.

And gloves.

Winco forever.

Results to be posted soon!

Unless they are terrible.

In which case, hats for us all!  Hooray for winter!

(I should do something about that mascara, I know.  But one thing at a time please.)

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