Cocoa Tea


You guys, sometimes I just think I'm a little bit different.  Taste-wise (and, I guess, hair-wise).

I like things bitter.  I like them dark, and smoky, and if we could get a hint of something being roasted in there, let's do that.

So I've always had a bad relationship with hot chocolate.  I want to love it, I do (it's chocolate! it's hot! what's the problem!).  But it's always a little too much for me.

Much too much.

The powder packets are, of course, far too sweet and often taste artificial.  So I've experimented the past few winters with making my own.  Melting dark chocolate down, whisking in milk and cinnamon.  And sugar.

Still too much.

So I did it, I threw out convention and made it how I wanted it, which was coffee-like.

Dark, hot, bitter.  Customize-able, like coffee. They're both beans, after all.

You could add anything you want - cinnamon, chili powder, coconut, maple, orange.  Making your own is a great toddler activity.

But I like it white - black chocolate, organic cream.  Bingo.

It's not for everybody, I know that.  But I'm so happy I finally found my chocolate.

Cocoa Tea

Makes 1 cup of tea/hot chocolate

1 tablespoon cocoa (any type will do, but the higher quality the better, well, quality)
1 cup water
Cream/vanilla/cinnamon/chili powder/whatever to taste

Put water in pan.  Put cocoa in water.  Bring to boil, remove from heat (it will boil over!).  Pour in cup, customize to liking.  Repeat daily.


jeannesioux said...

No sugar! Much better for you.

Anonymous said...

never had cocoa tea before, tempting to try!!!

ildy said...

Hi Anna, I love your blog & your hair!:) I would also like to inform you that I nominated you for the Liebster Award! It would be so cool I you could participate. You can check it out here if you would like:

Spicie Foodie said...

I LOVE your hair! Mine is super thick and dark so changing colours is a huge pain. Your hot chocolate is right up my alley!

a. maren said...

yes, jeanne, this is true!

a. maren said...

try it dentist! i think you'll like it.

a. maren said...

thank you ildy :) fun to see you here!

a. maren said...

hiya spicie! thanks for your kind words! i'd love to hear your thoughts on this chocolate!

a. maren said...

although actually, lately, i've discovered something better...but that is upcoming.

Suzy @ The Mediterranean Dish said...

What an interesting take on hot coco! I am very intrigued. May have to give this a try. Thanks for stopping in to see me at The Mediterranean Dish. Glad I found your blog.

a. maren said...

thanks susie! i've actually improved it since this post coming soon!