Silver Falls State Park and a Big Fat Hamburger

The goal this summer is to camp.  A lot.  Every other week (if we can pull it off)!

Last week we went to Silver Falls State Park.  I'm finding that State Parks are often hidden little gems.  Far less traffic than a national park, and every bit as beautiful.  

If somewhat less grand.  Which can be a good thing, you know?

Notice the artfully graffiti'd 'uh oh' at the top

Silver Falls is a beautiful park with ten plus waterfalls all accessible via short hikes.

There was a paved swimming spot for kids, a well-equipped campground (flushers, is what I'm talking about here) and a playground here and there.

Very family friendly.  Which means a lot these days.

Not badly equipped for food either!  Well, ok this didn't come from the park itself but from the small but scrappy town of Strayton, Oregon.

Just outside the town.

We visited Kelly at her cafe twice - once going into the park, and once leaving it.

A lot of beef was eaten.

Worth it.

Within the park it was salmonberry season.

Sometimes I think if I had to choose a place to go wild (like Thoreau/Cheryl Strayed/My Side of the Mountain Wild), it would have to be the northwest.

Berries berries everywhere and all of them to eat!

The flowers (unfortunately not pictured here) are this bizarre fuschia color.  

I wish I'd brought a container, get me some salmonberries for salmonberry jam.

The taste starts sweet and then goes tart.  The color is orange as can be.

Meanwhile, on the forest floor...

Silver Falls = enthusiastically recommended!  Something for everyone, and salmonberries* all over the place.

*Presence of salmonberries not guaranteed after next week


Jasline @ Foodie Baker said...

This is the first time I've seen, heard and read about salmon berries! I see a few berry trees near my place but I'm afraid to try them... the waterfall looks amazing, would love to dip my feet inside the cooling water!

a. maren said...

haha jasline probably best not to try too many odd berries...i recognized these from an edible plants guidebook i had so was pretty sure they were safe. thanks for dropping by!