Fruit Pizza

Well, geez.  All these strawberries and grapes look a bit out of season now, don't they?

Every once in a while I think, man, I should have a blog.

Then I remember that I do have one.

Here's the truth: it's a stressful time right now.

We're facing a move and an uncertain employment future.

I have a limited number of evenings, after the children have gone to bed, when I don't have to make a grocery list, send semi-important e-mails, or deal with the kids waking up.

Lately I've been spending them on cross-stitching, binge-watching Friends, and the occasional foreign romance.

Eases the stress.

But I AM still cooking, and I DO still want to share it.

So here is a fruit pizza!  Easy and yummy, just a few weeks behind.

Fruit Pizza

Easy peasy!

Your favorite pizza dough (I like this one)
8 oz cream cheese
powdered sugar to taste (I was doing a breakfast pizza, so I used about 1/2 cup.  A dessert pizza would call for more)
Fruits of choice

Bake your crust!  Mix your sugar and cheese and spread!  Slice and top with fruit! 

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jeannesioux said...

Fruit is always nice!