Vacation, Gangnam Style

I am on vacation! 

The thing I love about not having a job is that you get to take vacations like, ALL THE TIME.

I mean, you know, if you've got that money thing taken care of (which we toootally do, guys.  Uhhh....).

I haven't been baking the last few days, but I will.  I definitely will.

Until I can return to you triumphantly glutted with food and photographs of that food, I give you Gangnam Style.

Seen it already?

Watch the pony version.

Seen it already? 

Learn the horsey dance and e-mail me a video of yourself doing it.



avagabondmom said...

Have fun on your vacation!

dervla @ The Curator said...

I just got sucked down the rabbit hole of watching all the gangnam spin offs. Gahhh! Love that video so much. Can't. stop. watching. it.

Anne Regalado said...

I've watched this few weeks ago and couldn't stop laughing the whole time ! :D

Nami | Just One Cookbook said...

Hahahahahaha! Your eyes will die if I send you MY dance video. LOL.

I haven't seen the pony version. Funny. Have a great vacation!

Beth said...

Wow - I hadn't seen the pony version yet. Too funny!

Jay said...

have fun & enjoyyyy...!
Tasty Appetite

a. maren said...

nami that makes me want to see it more than ever! i can't decide which i love better, the original or the pony...